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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Went to Yellowstone yesterday. Amazing and beautiful. Sooooo many people. Almost comical how many people there were, but the park service, as mentioned before in my Sink Canyon post, does a really great job of finding a balance between letting visitors access wildlife and preserving the environment. I was surprised how "hands-on" the park was- the park service has built these boardwalks over many ecologically fragile areas, like sulfur springs and wetlands, which lets visitors walk around and closely access the amazing natural wonders of the park.

You'd think that the visitors would still toss candy wrappers and gum into the wild, but everyone was very respectful of the area. I guess giving visitors this privilege was a gamble the park service took, but it's paying off- people are obviously coming away with a greater respect of nature and are hopefully taking that lesson home to preserve and share with friends.

Geyser, from far away

Beautiful colors, sulpher pool next to orange bubbly rock.

Spasm Geyser (literally its name)

Boardwalk over sulpher springs

Tour guide in middle, white shirt


Sometimes it sprayed us with a mix of hot, sulphery water/stream.


The Slightly Insane (But Imaginative) One said...

wow what a great journey. it must be fun to take pictures from all over the US!

fade said...

jake -

i was wondering your setup?

eg - camera / lens for your cover page photo on your website??



About Me: Jake Stangel said...

Yo Fade- I've had many over the past 2 years. Used to rock a hasselblad, sold that, got a mamiya rz67II, sold that. Then moved in three directions- dSLR, 35mm point and shoot, and large format.

Now I've got a Canon 5D, a Leica Z2X p/s, and a Toyo 45A- this is the camera I used to shoot the front image on my website. I was using a 210mm Rodenstock lens, multicoated.