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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun with haybales

It's pretty much a Bike & Build tradition to stop somewhere in the midwest to pose for ridiculous photos that involve haybales. Rider pretend to push them, ride their bikes on top of them, do handstands above them, and generally reinforce the fact that only slightly crazed people tend to bike across the country. I have a whole bunch of normal shots to put on the site later, but these were my favorite photos from the whole event.


Lisa and Kate

Watching Kate try to get up on the haybale

Up top


"OK, let's both slide down together while locking arms"- Kate (R) to Lisa (L)


Jake #3

1 comment:

Ivan said...

Great narrative and great photos. Truly appreciated reading/seeing them all. Keep it up and safe riding.
Chaka Khan