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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ride to experience... (Volume 2: Iowa)

... corn, soybeans, corn, smooth rolling hills, constantly picking our way Westward, wrist-breaking potholes, the first variations in road grade since Pennsylvania, Iowan beauty, spending hours inside my head, talking about corn and soybeans, effortlessly cruising through farmlands at 20 mph under my own power, using the water towers of local towns to gauge distance, battling headwinds, rejoicing in sidewinds and lack of winds, and always reveling in the day's simple task: travel and explore the country on a bicycle with close friends.

This is what we've been biking through, all day, every day, for about a week:

I'm sure Microsoft got it's Window's XP desktop from around here.

Iowa= corn, soybeans, water towers, farms, and sky.

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