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Monday, July 7, 2008

Build day in Carroll, IA

An awesome build day went down with the West Central Iowa Habitat for Humanity chapter today. God thats a mouthful. Like all Iowans it seems, these folks were super excited to have us, and had an array of solid projects for us to work on today. The biggest task involved cutting, building and installing the framing of the entire upper floor of the house we were working on. We also marked and framed out the driveway, cut rebar and poured concrete reinforcing concrete, the works...

We worked hard all day from 8-4, and completed every job assigned just in the nick of time. Then a giant rainstorm dropped in, literally right as we were heading into the trucks to drive home. Good day. Tomorrow, we've got a 106 mile day that will send us from here all the way to Souix City on the Nebraska border. Fun fun fun. Wakeup's at 4:30, so I'm heading off to bed. At 8 p.m. I feel like an 83 year old man.

Kourtney and her nail gun.



Finished product

Sawdust from the circular saw

This is Earl. I want to have his health and endurance when I'm older. He held out longer than most of our 20-something riders on the site.

Lila Jean Jensen- Carroll, IA


Leo- Carroll, IA

Paul- Carroll, IA

End of build, before the rain- Carroll, IA

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