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Monday, July 28, 2008

Artist Profile: Brooke Jarrett

We have a couple of sketchbook-drawers on our trip, and Brooke Jarrett is my favorite. She goes to M.I.T., is really smart, really funny, and cuts my hair. We'd been talking about doing a silly little "artist profile" where I basically take copy stand shots of her sketchbook to show everyone. That was probably back in Pennsylvania. Now, we're in Montana and it finally got done today. I love her work and think she chooses great moments in time and space to sketch, ones that do great justice to the ambling, sometimes random, and exquisite moments of this trip across country.

1 comment:

sadie sosha said...

this one's for brooke:

they're beautiful. they're absolutely charming, and inspiring, and they remind me of mia, and of david hockney, and of you!

i'm totally impressed, and so glad that you posted these. i miss you heaps