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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I went bowling at 6 a.m. in Plainview, Nebraska

This, I bet, believe, and hope, will be the one and only time I will ever say that.

The host site we stay at in Plainview has had a long-running arrangement with the bar/bowling alley/breakfast spot in town, D & K lanes, in which we come in at 6 in the morning for breakfast and bowling. An interesting and surreal combination, all the more heightened by the fact that it was still freezing and dark when we entered the place. We tossed back plates and plates of eggs, homefries, texas toast, pancakes, coffee, OJ, and bowled a lil' bit. The girls team slaughtered the guys team. Then, we went for a pretty ridiculous 80 mile ride, often into brutal front/sidewinds, before landing at our home for the night, Stuart, Nebraska here.

I talked to a woman here over dinner in Stuart, who said that she and her husband have 7 kids, many of which are 50-somethings in California. Every time they drive out to visit the kids, they take a different, winding route to get there. She and I talked at length about Wyoming and Montana, and a big smile broke out on her face when describing all the towns and scenery in both states... Missoula, Casper, Jackson, Teton Pass... I'm getting all excited just thinking about riding out there.

Photos from the bowling adventure:

Jake #3

Last year's Providence to Seattle (P2S) riders on the wall



Coors girls

Ladies team (clockwise from top left): Lisa, Willa, Lindsay, Hannah

'Guys' team (from left): Kourtney, Jake, Jake , Mike

Ladies v.2

The alley


Willa (gosh durn slow shutter)

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