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Friday, July 25, 2008

Omgzzz pictures!!!

Running a ghetto borrowed setup right now, I decided to skip the macbook for now and harvest some money. Can't write much... here are some photos from the past couple days.

Energy plant- Eastern Wyoming

Eastern Wyoming

Went for a hike in Sink Canyon, which is just outside Lander, Wyoming. So beautiful, and so close to the town. People in Lander come up all the time to camp, and though it feels like a vacation, they still have time to "get their kids to soccer practice", as one woman told me. Wyoming does a great job with their national parks, and they're very laid back and accessible. There is a giant river flowing hundreds of feet below these folks.

Oil rig- Riding to Casper, WY

Riding to Casper, WY

Hells Half Acre, Wyoming. Crazy, giant hole in the ground, very dramatic. Not the best photo to illustrate, but I took a 4x5, if you can wait till' August!

Another shot.

Hiking in Sink Canyon.

River and trail- Sink Canyon, WY

Hana Kawai! Rockin out!

These are real cowboys.

On the way out of Lander, we spotted these elk/deer/moose/bears/children just walkin' through the neighborhood.

Laurel and Mike- Laurel teaches high school geography, Mike is a retired special ed. teacher. Every summer, they take a long road trip. Been riding through Europe four times. Crowheart, WY

Van at lunch. Crowheart, WY

Riding to Dubois, WY

Riding to Dubois, WY

We climbed Teton Pass, which divides Jackson, WY and Idaho. So hard. Crappy photo, lots of emotion.

Lindsay's sweat/salty chest, post-Teton Pass.

Great ender photo, right? Goodnight, till tomorrow?


Josh said...

thanks for making the effort. it's really fun to see the pictures and go along for the ride. And you've met
Robin Schlanger-Post. good people. You've met a lot of good people it sounds like.
Happy trails!
josh schorr
ps hi to #3

Random thoughts from Small Town Wyoming said...

sweet pics man. was googling images of sinks canyon and stumble across your page. living in lander is awesome for the outdoors. hope the stay was enjoyable!