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Monday, July 28, 2008

Beginnings of Montana, the Unabomber, etc.

We said our last goodbyes to Wyoming a couple days ago. It was hard to let go of the state. Everyone loved its wide-open, rugged expanses, the people we met along the way (ranchers especially), and the beautiful, beautiful mountain ranges we climbed up and over, revealing even more amazing views.

As mentioned, Teton Pass was the pinnacle of the state, and possibly our ride thus far. As we climbed up a 12-15% grade over 6 miles to reach the top of the summit (if you don't know, this is so steep for so long), passing wildflowers, grinding through switchbacks, breathing sooooo heavily with 170+ heart rates, and gaining an increasingly impressive view of the valley below, Chad, one of our best riders, reportedly shouted out, "Wyoming, why are you so badddddasssssssssssss?" near the top of the climb.

Now we're in Montana, an equally cool, albeit slightly less badass state. It seems our rides alternate between superflat or really hilly and mountainous. Had a pretty great, 2500ish ft pass today, with some nice switchback turns on the decent as well. If you care.

I'm writing from our home for the night, Lincoln, MT (pop 1,100). Sound familiar? It's where Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, lived from 1971 to 1995 in a remote mountainside shack, sending out bombs that attempted to stop "erosion of human freedom necessitated by modern technologies" through terrorism. I was all excited because I thought his shack was on display here, but it apparently is in D.C. In place of a visit, I've taken some time to read up on him. You can read his "Unabomber Manifesto", actually titled "The Industrial Society and Its Future", here. Having enjoyed reading Marx, I might make this my reading for tonight.

These are all little anecdotes and updates. Here are some very unrelated photos from the past 2 days:

Lunch stop on the way to Helena, MT. We try to do lunch in towns en route, but in the West especially, we sometimes have to have it in the most random, barren places because there's nothing around. This is such a location. I had an urge to take a 4x5 photo, and I got the idea to have all the guys on the trip, in a line, Eurostyle (i.e. jerseys fully unzipped). Continue reading below...

So that's what we did. Looked absurd and hilarious.
(Photo by Brook Jarrett)

Can't wait for the film to come back. This is roughly what it will look like, but on 4x5 film.
(Photo by Brook Jarrett)

I'm trying to get into taking a photo of the van and trailer in all the different locations we visit. This is by the side of a stream near Big Sky, MT.

Cool lights, cool wood, not cool exposure.

Roof of a host- Bozeman, MT.

I wanted a photo of this...

... but instead got this. Jake Schorr, ladies and gentlemen.

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Josh said...

that's my boy!
rap masta j3.

really nice drawings brooke!

thanks, as always, for the pictures
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