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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time travel

Now in Missoula, Montana. There are 7 bike shops here, which is like music to our ears. I got a whole bunch of nit-picky parts I haven't been able to find since Nebraska, so, score. Other than having lots of bike shops, Missoula seems big and culture-filled (though that term is relative- the Midwest can be so barren at times that I once got excited at the sight of a Ford dealership during the driest stretch of the route).

Most of the days on this trip feel like they are a week long. We wake up at 5, are on the road by 7, ride 30-100 miles through many towns and environments during the day, and end up somewhere new every night. It often feels like two days have passed by 9 a.m., rather than 2 hours. This is one of those days, in photos:

We stayed in Lincoln "Unabomber", Montana last night, in the town's K-12 public school. The school graduates a handful of students every year, and we took great pleasure in checking out what high schoolers looked like 20+ years ago.

Class of 86', in detail

Morningtime, getting ready

Women's bathroom entrance

It was 43 degrees outside when we left. After riding 4/10ths of a mile, eight of us decided to stop for coffee and wait for the temperature to rise. This is my bike outside the restaurant.

Continuing the "Van Location" project. Lunchtime.


Lunchtime came at mile 47 of 79, next to a beautiful river I don't know the name of. We went swimming. It was about 11 a.m., and by this point, the coffee stop seemed to be eons ago.

Joe, chalking where lunch is (aka turn here off the road here).

Guess who?
(Photo by Joe Atwood)

Rafters paddling by, as we put our clothes back on after swimming.

Willa, Marita, Joe, and Hannah (L to R). We stayed here, enjoying the afternoon for a couple hours. No rush to get to town.


We completely cleaned the van of EVERYTHING just two days prior. This is what happens with a group of 30 riders.

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