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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We just rode into Jackson, Wyoming via an exhilerating 85-mile strech of Route 26, which had us starting in Dubois, WY and riding over a 1500-ft mountain pass that opened up into the Teton Valley, finally arriving in Jackson. This was the route:

The view looking West from the top of the pass (I believe it was called Breccia Peak, which you can see on the map) was like looking out into a green ocean from a high cliff. Even more Awesome (awesome in the biblical sense) was our high-perch view from Breccia Peak at 10,000 ft, across Teton Valley, maybe 70-80 miles over to the Teton mountain range. Lying just to the West of the Teton Valley, the range dramatically juts up from the valley floor and steeply climbs up into the clouds. I was too young to remember the Alps when I went to France, but this is the closest recollection I could have.

The Tetons represent alot of goals and accomplishments to our riders and our route. They're one of the biggest mountain passes we will have and by far the hardest to get over, it means we've ridden across Wild, Wonderful, Wyoming (which it seriously is), and they embody the entire majestic feeling of riding across the West. As I've discussed with other riders en route, the scenery out here in Wyoming is so stunning and larger than life that it keeps us riding forward with more energy and vigor than any clifbar or energy gel ever could.

And hey! I have photos, but... no computer to upload them from. They will soon be on their way, because I'm about to dig deep in my pocket and likely get a macbook pro. I'm going out on the town.


Josh said...

Yippeeeee! Congratulations to all the Jakes, the F.O.Js and the B&Bs. And as your reward:

a great time and a new mac book. Your other one broke down just so you could get yourself a momento. Look forward to seeing the pictures. Have a great time. See you in Rockport.
Jake 3 D.

elizabeth weinberg said...

i just went in for one as well. totally worth it!