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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park

Everyone who wants to drill for oil should come visit this National Park, one of the most beautiful natural environments in the United States in my opinion. Jaw dropping beauty. Like, stop the car every 5 minutes because the views are so mind-blowing beauty.

Since my last post in Kansas, I drove to Colorado Springs for the day to see a one of my most favoritest people in the whole world, Lizzy Bruns, who is working for the Obama campaign. Little did I know Colorado Springs is one of the most conservative areas in Colorado. I did some phone volunteering, making sure people were registered to vote, asking who they intended to vote for, and educating people on the issues and candidates if they wanted.

Its unbelievable how some people will blindly vote along party lines, completely uneducated about the issues and where Obama and McCain stand on them. I talked to people slipping out of middle class, working 2 jobs at 10-16 hours a day yet barely making ends meet, who are voting for McCain because they want his tax cuts, which won't even touch them, while Obama's will. Others told me they were voting McCain because they were worried about the effects of the economy on their life, which I won't even get into. The best was the woman who said she was voting McCain because "Obama hates America".

Gahhhhh... I'll leave you with some pretty photos of Rocky Mountain National Park, and Trail Ridge Road, which leads through the park. It's the highest paved road in North America. Go there sometime. I also threw in some photos from my drive North out of the park, near Arapahoe Nat'l Forest and Southern Wyoming.

Also, can we get some comments going, because it feels like I'm talking to just myself, which I'm doing enough of on this road trip already. Just say "hi".

Trail Ridge Road, as seen from an overlook



A scene I caught at an overlook. I could do a whole project on my covert efforts to take photos of tourists.



Cool shirt

A section of Trail Ridge Rd cutting through the side of the Rockies.

Nikon..... DUAL!

My sweet ride, liking it more every day.

Pictures of people taking pictures


day to day in documented. said...

hi, keep up the posts.

karen nakos said...

As one who has been fascinated by your blog since May and who has, until now, yet to leave a comment, (sorry for that), your mention of lack of reader response spoke to me. So, "Hello, Jake, you are not alone!" Your discussion and photography has been insightful, intriguing, delightful, humorous, entertaining, and always thought-provoking. Thank you for that and do keep on!

Mark said...

Heyyyy Staz! Is this your first trip through Rocky Mountain? I could have sworn Central went through there. Anyway, stupendous as always. I must admit that I too am voting blindly based on partisanship. Granted, I am voting for Obama because of that partisanship.

Maybe I should educate myself about what the candidates are actually offering. But honestly? The things that are nearest and dearest to my heart will never, ever be supported by the Republican party. Plus, politicians promise lots of stuff.

I'm thinking of graduate school in the North West; I look forward to possibly crashing on your couch in Portland one day. I hear it's pretty gay, and I am psyched to see it. Take care!

About Me: Jake Stangel said...

thanx guyzzz

Jolie Papillon said...

Nice photos, I love the one with the white truck.

curiouscat said...

Hi :) Here are some photos of my hikes in Rocky Mountain National park.