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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out to Portland/New News

Sooooooo after the bike trip ended, this blog took a backseat for a while, and I bet my readership trickled down to 10 or so. I was putting my attention elsewhere, primarily scanning about 50-70 GB worth of film, retouching it, getting the new website/pdf up, sending out a handful of promos with a $0 budget (probably going to give in to getting Workbook email contacts), and also arranging my life in Portland, dealing with renters/car insurance, packing up my life, etc etc. In two weeks.

While I was doing all that...

- Transworld Snowboarding published the Vermont Resort Guide I'd shot and written last winter (1st issue, should still be out on stands, maybe).
- Really, really stoked on the Frequency Snowboard Journal thats about to hit stands. It's their annual, collectors edition Photobook, which features 5 photog's portfolios from the past winter, and I'm one of the five. It'll be on stands in 2 weeks or so, and it's a beautiful, beautiful magazine. Even if you don't snowboard, check it out.

I'm currently wrapping up packing my clothes, cameras, and life for my move out to Portland. Actually as I write this, I've got every single bag I own, fully packed with clothes and equipment, laying all around me in circular heap, ready for a new home in Portland.

The drive out there will take two weeks, and I'm shooting another story, one that looks into the entire subculture of America lives their lives on the interstates and backroads of the U.S. It's gonna involve alot of camping, approaching everyone from Tennessee truckers to sun-chasing RV’ers to even bicyclists riding across the country like myself. I'm excited to get on the road, shoot this story, and get it in a magazine.

I'll aim to get updates from the road every other day.

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