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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photos from Wyoming

Almost home... by around this time tomorrow I'll be rolling into Portland. wOOt.

I'm in Boise, ID right now. Another great, great town that has managed to retain its traditions and history- painstakingly built brick/marble facades built by previous generations, a grand capitol building, tall trees lining brick sidewalks, lots of preserved architecture- while still folding these elements into a new, forward-thinking city. A guy with a "pray, vote, pray" t-shirt has walked by with a boombox spewing Bon Jovi just walked by for the third time. And I just saw a 20-something, completely sleeved and pierced blonde girl walk past a 60-something rancher wearing a cowboy boots and hat, and they both kind of looked at each other with mutual respect.

Dead bugs on the windshield. My car is not very aerodynamic. And this is after I cleaned it an hour prior. No joke.

Just West of Idaho Falls. The world drops off into a surreal, moonlike atmosphere of wheat and these crater-hills.

The middle of Wyoming, on the way to Lander.

The beautiful, beautiful Teton Mountain Range.

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Anonymous said...

Wait so you drive all the way there just to get coffe?