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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodland, KS

Finally got into a destination before the sun set. Barely. As soon as I got to the campsite, I parked my car, hopped on my bike, and took off for town a half mile away. Sure was nice to actually have time to ride around, check things out, shoot some photos. I didn't really feel like approaching people for portraits (driving in solitary for 6-7 hours a day will do that), so I just stuck with landscapes.

I've never been to Goodland, Kansas before, but it felt like every other small town I've been to in the Midwest. I mean that as a compliment. It felt familiar, storied, reliable. Ice cream parlor, insurance guy, auto repair, local bar, J.C. Penny catalog store, etc. Walking down main street in these towns is like eating a hotdog at a ballgame. Love it, could make a project out of it. As usual, like nearly every small town in America, Goodland's main street definitely seemed to be struggling. Some boarded windows, some for rent signs.

Even through the slow, seeming disintegration of the American town- it's buildings, its businesses, livelihoods even- some parts, like the Clawson Electric Company sign below, age nicely. A reminder of the American Force of the past.

Auto Parts store- Goodland, KS

I've got a total love affair with grain silos.

One of Goodland's claims to fame- a giant Van Gogh reproduction, as large as a water tower.

Goodland Elementary School

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