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Friday, June 20, 2008


The forty-five miles between Youngstown, OH and Akron, OH look like the photos below. Interesting, not pretty. Ohio seems to be a big supporter of all things big, sprawling, corporate, and klassy. American cars rule the road, _____-Marts, strip malls, and outlets galore, and there are a prodigious amounts of electrical lines, which stretch in all directions.

I won't jump the gun on a "the socioeconomic state of Ohio from my vantage point" post yet, seeing as we just got into the state. I will say that most the mainstay industries of Ohio- production of durable goods like rubber and steel- have long vanished 20-30 years ago, and it shows. Akron, in fact, used to be the world's largest rubber producer in the world. Not anymore. Stay tuned for another post elaborating on this...

Photos from the day:

(I shot some 4x5)

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Patrick said...

$4.09, seriously? It'll be over $5 by the time I'm back in the U.S... yipes. I heard there's a dearth of tomatoes in the country this summer as well. What's going on up there?