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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All I did today was smell honeysuckle and notice foreclosed houses

Today we left Connecticut and rode into New York State. Our group is now in Poughkeepsie. Things I noticed today belonged to two camps:

- It is f-ing HOT out, the only things that saved the ride today were the incredible views of CT and NY, as well as the most powerful, sweet-smelling honeysuckle ever possible. It was like nature's version of Herbal Essences, and it totally blew the shampoo out of the water.

- I saw about a bajillion houses on the market today, sign after sign after sign. Alot of them were quite obviously uninhabited. I don't know why this area in particular has so many, but it probably ties into the stuff I mentioned in the Providence- the total decline of American production, the general falling out of a middle class, the widening of lower and upper-upper-classes. A complete segment of American workforce and industry has fallen flat, and we're biking through the places they live(d). Another case is in Poughkeepsie itself, where today I learned that IBM left. The town, to quote another rider on the trip, is "bombed out". Main street is a collection of mostly empty stores, a handful of newly opened bodega-type places, and a couple of stable-looking businesses. Again, real estate signs everywhere.

I rode with my 5D today, and did not fall. One day down. I'm not happy with the photos I've been taking. I've been so busy leading this group of riders (I'm one of 4 managing ALL logistics for the trip, down to the tiniest little details), that I've only been able to shoot on the road. I'd hoped to start to amble around towns with the Leica and 4x5 once the group gets a little more self-sufficient, but for now, it's too hot and there's not enough time in the day to do that. So on that note, enjoy these amazing and beautiful digital images from today's CT/NY ride:

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