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Monday, June 2, 2008

All up in Providence

Providence is a cool town, if there were snowboarding nearby, I would totally live here. I feel the same about Philly. I guess I'm attracted to these relatively old and storied Eastern cities that were once epicenters of industrialization, but that have had to reinvent themselves in the 21st century. Lots of sweet little districts, cobblestone streets, and hidden businesses, coffeeshops, and bookstores. It's all contained in a manageable scale, unlike new York, but there's still a feeling that I could keep exploring and discovering, which I love about cities. Hopefully I'll be able to bike around more tomorrow, get lost, and ideally find a secondhand bookstore grab some reading material for the summer. I'm also looking to grab Rob Walker's new book, "Buying In: The secret dialogue between what we buy and who we are". I'm a huge fan of his 'consumed' column in the Times magazine. I'm open to other book suggestions as well...

On the 'leader front' of Bike & Build, we're just getting ready for the riders to arrive on Wednesday. Everything is under control and it's more straight chillin here than anything else. I shot a little with the 5D. I'm trying to get used to carrying it around with me, so I can stop saying "I wish I had a (decent) camera with me". Here are some snaps from the day:


Young high school kid touring Brown with his parents. The dad totally needs him to go to this school.


The best part of the day was spent lying in the grass

Chaca kahn

Summer 2

p.s.- I'm working with a 4-year-old ibook G4 with 256 MB of ram, so I'm just posting the small jpegs. I can barely use itunes and Word at the same time, let alone Photoshop, so I'm dealing with RAW files later when I have access to a better computer.

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Chaca kahn? Chaco kahn? They're all the same.