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Monday, August 4, 2008

Snowboarding in the summer

Haven't been shooting much with the digi the past few days. On a related note, and to tide you over till' the next post, the first round of shots I took last winter for Transworld Snowboarding should be hitting newsstands soon. They're at the bottom of this post, titled for your viewing pleasure.

I actually love snowboarding more than I do biking, and I think about it alot on the bike, especially because its the type of photography I aim to dive right into, starting this winter when I move to Portland, Oregon. I got my start last winter, as a full-time college student in New York City, thanks to some contacts I had made via email a year before. That winter sometimes felt like a double life- get out of class and immediately take off to shoot for the weekend, come back Sunday night, do all my work, go to class on Monday.

Still think it's pretty funny/cool that I was able to pull off multiple snowboard shoots in Vermont as a full-time college student in New York City, without a car. Thanks to the photo editors- Chris Wellhousen at TWsnow, Colin Wiseman at Frequency, and Mike Basher at Snowboard Mag- for taking a chance on me.

My favorite snowboard shots from last winter were taken at the US Open in Stratton, VT. Shot 4x5, of course. I'm working with one of my favorite mags to get em' in one of this upcoming winter issues. I'll be real stoked on that, especially because they're not typical digi action shots.

Till next time... (tomorrow?)

Unknown rider- US Open

Kim Rune Hansen- US Open

Pipe crowd- US Open

Scotty Lago- US Open

Brian Messler- Stratton, VT

TJ James- Stratton, VT

Clinton Reynolds- Mountain Creek, NJ

Stowe, VT for Frequency

Stowe, VT for Frequency

Stowe, VT for Frequency

Stowe, VT for Frequency

1 comment:

Pam said...

Jake, these are amazing. WOW, is all I can see. The one of Scotty is just amazing. I think I need a thesaurus lol. WOW and amazing just really seem to sum them up.

I can't wait to see the 4x5s from this trip. If my 4x5 was not 100 years old, I might be tempted to try some myself.