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Friday, August 15, 2008

B.C. and Oregon travels

I'm working my way up and down the West coast. Here are photos from British Columbia and the Portland/Canon Beach area:

Crescent Beach, B.C.

Hate outlet malls and McDonalds, especially after seeing how they constantly cut into the remaining independent businesses that give vitality and character to the country. So, I took a photo of both at the same time.

Girls at the outlet mall

Pacific sunset, driving to Portland.

Gas station- Washington/Oregon border

View of downtown Portland from hotel window- Portland, OR

Painter- Portland, OR

Canon Beach, OR

Canon Beach, OR

Canon Beach, OR

Haystack rock. I biked here a year ago, felt great to revisit- Canon Beach, OR

Dad- Canon Beach, OR

Dad- Canon Beach, OR

Haystack again, so pretty- Canon Beach, OR

Ocean water attacking out of nowhere, though I was way up the beach- Canon Beach, OR

Flying turtle- Canon Beach, OR

There's alot of logging that's going on near the coast. Don't know much about it, but I can imagine there are alot of politics surrounding it. Very depressing to see, and made even more macabre by the heavy fog rolling in from the coast- Canon Beach, OR

Dead trees- Canon Beach, OR

These guys stayed up for some reason- Canon Beach, OR

What is left

p.s. I know my lens vignettes at f/4, but I can't send it in just yet, and I don't much mind anyway.

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elizabeth weinberg said...

if you shoot raw you can get rid of the vignetting generally. but sometimes it's good!