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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ride to experience (Eastern Washington version)...

... the most radical topographical variations imaginable- amber wheat fields that drop into craggy reservoir basins, quickly morphing into desolate badlands that grow into dense, mountainous forests- in a span of 45 miles of road; having sweat bead off even the back of my hands in 100+ degree heat; 18-wheelers full of lumber that sound like jet engines as they approach, getting loudlouderLOUDER, until they pass in an erupting combination of hot exhaust, overwhelming noise and a violent airstream that pushes me off the road while simultaneously pulling me forward, then quickly, quietly disappearing; constantly pushing my big sunglasses higher on my nose; the awful feeling of pulling out of 'autopilot mode' and realizing I can't recall the past couple miles; happiness, challenge, resolve, and endorphins; mountain passes and false descents that reverse back into grueling climbs; knowing the Pacific ocean lies past these Cascades, which we ride over tomorrow.

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