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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Pack

I'm leaving for Providence tomorrow morning, and of course left all my packing till today, mostly because was going to rain all day, so I wouldn't feel bad about not being outside. I seriously think I'm packing more camera gear than clothing though.

Last summer's trip was shot with a Hasselblad that I sold back in January. I kind of dislike buying things, except for good food; as a result, I'd amassed enough in savings to recently buy a Toyo 45A large format camera as well as a Canon 5D. Through some eBay shenanigans, I was also able to flip enough camera and bike parts to obtain a Leica Z2X point and shoot, 20 rolls of 35mm film, and a convertible Schneider 150/265 lens, while still breaking even.

So this summer, I'll be riding with the Leica in my jersey pocket, the 5D (protected) in my camelbak, as well as the Toyo 4x5 in the back of our support van. I'm also guessing my camelbak will weigh 10 or so pounds (with 2L of water in it), and it's gonna suck when I'm riding.

Leica Z2X, Toyo, some film

Of course, 2 of these 3 cameras shoot film, which I'm sending directly over to Anthony Accardi at Green Rhino throughout the summer, but I won't be able to see the results until I get back to NYC in August. So for now, I'll only be putting up shots from the 5D. Wah-wah.

From last year's experience, I know this trip already contains all the necessary elements- crazy lifestyle, total spontaneity, amazing lighting conditions and landscapes, and a crew of 30 younguns biking/living together for 2.5 months- to make for good photos. Below is one of my favorites from last summer. Basically, all the potential is there, the cameras are certainly there, and its up to me to take some baller photos.

© Jake Stangel
Mike- Bloomington, IN. June 2007


elizabeth weinberg said...

can't wait to see the digital stuff throughout the summer! what lens(es) are you rocking with the 5d?

About Me: Jake Stangel said...

It's a 24-105 L, so it's a pretty good all-around lens...

Anonymous said...

looks like you're ready for a good time. glad to see the toyo with you. i'm out in the grand canyon right now with my horseman, boy is it something trecking that thing around. i'm wondering, what are you doing about keeping your film safe from the heat while biking? i'm running into extreme temperature highs during the day out here and keeping my film out of the sun is always on mind...

About Me: Jake Stangel said...


I'm going pretty ghetto. Loading and uloading in bathrooms, using my clothes to prevent light leaks. Hot weather is something I just can't avoid, I plan on shipping the film back to NYC, straight to my processor, throughout the summer. I leave it on our support van as much as possible. It's not the best situation, but I'm trying to deal as best as possible.

Jess said...

so many cameras... so many amazing pictures. remember the time you asked me to do something crazy? and i shut you in the trailer to do whatever it is you do with your film? lol good times